by MagZone Magnetics
the-grabber attracts flatware, cans, bottle caps, pens, paper clips and other ferrous metal items from a garbage and trash slurry flow zone of a warewash scrapping trough.

The powerful patented focused magnetic system is specifically engineered to grab ferrous metal objects and hold them out of the waste slurry flow zone as the slurry travels down the trough to your garbage disposal or waste pulping system.

The metal items remain within convenient reach of the scrapping operator for easy removal.

Operators work faster knowing the-grabber will grab and hold any flatware or other ferrous metal they have missed during the scrapping process.
Save costs of damaged & destroyed flatware.
Reduce garbage disposal & pulper jam-ups, replacements and repairs.
Payback! - Usually less than one year, frequently only a few weeks.
Clear Flow Zone as ferrous metal objects are held up (3-4”) on the trough side wall.
No Electric Utility connections required
No operating costs.
Permanent magnets with a 100 year half life!
No service or maintenance required!
Very easy to install on a new or existing retro-fit project location.